Blog post entry 2 The social interaction with music and the business behind it in today’s technology world

The music business has changed dramatically over the past few decades.  The Internet has created a totally different changed for many musicians and other people involved in the music world. Today, many people who are musicians, songwriters, record producers,etc face the fight to deal with the Internet. The income of people involved in the music business have reduced over the past fifteen years most likely due to the piracy, file sharing, and the CD burning of digital music on the internet. Furthermore, the article explains that many of the technology being used in today’s music business is very useful. For instance, you can use social media sites such as Facebook, Titter, etc to get people listening to your band’s music. Music blogging is another big thing of the internet because bloggers can have huge connections with big name musicians like Ted Nugent to write about the following of the musician: upcoming concerts, new albums, recent appearances on other media outlets, etc. Today is even better with buying music since you do not have to go to the store to buy the music. Any music you want to buy is available online. Whether you want iTunes,Amazon, etc, you can use those websites to buy the band’s album(s). New technology has allowed bands to become more noticed than ever before.

Blog post entry one Multimodal music

As technology is becoming more innovative than ever, humans are starting to see that there has been some new technology being made on the impact of music and human senses. Let us break it all down, humans have the capability of touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and visualizing. However, in the article that I read, a piece of technology called haptic technology is being made for other human activities such as simply sitting in a portable chair or even better, being put into music concerts in order to allow immersion, emotion, and expression to occur for the audiences. Haptic technology is able to take the sense of touch and provide a certain type of motion or vibration. For example, when your phone vibrates you are able to pick up a type of motion because of the haptic technology within the phone. Furthermore, as musical concerts provide sound for the audience, there is research being done to insert haptic technology into live musical concerts for the audience to enhance immersion, emotion, and expression.

Focus of blog entries

So for everyone into the different types of music that are known to exist, there are many genres known to exist.  My goal will be to focus on rock, heavy metal, and other kinds of music in order to inform bloggers about upcoming tours, recent albums being released, breaking news on certain bands, etc. My focus will be strongly in the underground music scene since  our big corporate media only uses the mainstream music that is readily listened in public; rap, hip hop, pop, etc.  The reason I am doing this is because many bands create elaborating music that can describe a certain point of view. Even music does not need a vocalists to make music sound elaborating.   Just by using certain instruments, music can sound soothing to develop a message.  Furthermore, music is a relaxing piece of art that can take you to a whole new world.  The world should see what music is out there that public would not really know about that might find an interest in a certain type of music covered in my blogs.

For the anticipated readership, anyone is welcome to comment on blogs that will be posted on a certain music genre that is covered.  As long as comments are not taken to a level where it can get extreme  will be just dandy.  Moreover, comments can come from not only classmates, but other people who finds interests in the music that will be posted as blogs.

Competitors within this blog will include other blog websites such as Allmusic, Metacritic, just to name a few.  Then again, there will be alliances with these competitors since many members of these websites will do a certain amount of good for the blog post entries in order to describe about a certain album that was just reviewed.   All of this will help with the next thing I will talk about.

There will definitely be a mixture of  lot of different types of media including links to certain YouTube videos, band websites, other websites strongly describing bout a certain music genre discussed in the blog.   Other videos and photos from different publications will be used in order to make a clear message about what is being described about in the blog.  Messaging boards or other blog post entries from other websites related to the music being covered in my blog post entries might be added to the media to help with the blog posts.