Blog Post Entry 8

In a recent New York Times article, the famous supergroup Phil Lesh and Friends performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Phil Lesh, use to ply with the famous blues band Grateful Dead. After the famous founding member Jerry Garcia died of a heart attack, the Grateful Dead bore up. Thus, Phil Lesh would develop the American rock band Phil Lesh and Friends.

“The Phil Lesh and Friends group played the last of 10 area shows, according to the article. They performed twice at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and played eight times at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY. Furthermore, there were line up changes. For instance, the Brooklyn performance had Hoe Russo (Drummer), Warren Haynes(who toured with the latter days of the Grateful Dead),Jackie Greene on guitars and among others.

One of the performances that the article mentions is the fact that Haynes and Greene used music elements of blues and country and had made some old time Jerry Garcia music. Haynes also did music elements of the famous Southern Rock band The Allman Brothers Band. He touched on solos of Dickey Betts and Duane Allman both famous former guitarists of the band.

In my opinion, this sounded like a fascinating concert to attend to because I am into the blues music. I am not the biggest fan of blues, but I like blues music from two famous guitarists, Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix. Both guitar players really hit the jackpot of playing classical blues. Furthermore, they were able to inspire many musicians to play music in the future after their deaths. Overall, I did enjoy reading this article. I would have gone one of these concerts if I knew about them beforehand. The link of the article is below for further reading.

Blog Post Entry 7

In a recent New York Times article, Leee Black Childers, a respected photographer and rock musician managers recently passed away at the age 68. Leee Childers was known for taking photographs of punk musicians, drag queens, club kids, etc. He is determined to have died on April 6th. He had lived in Brooklyn.

He was born ” Lee. B. Childers in or near Louisville, Kentucky on July 24, 1945,” according to the New York Times. Leee Childers’s collection of photography titled “Drag Queens, Rent Boys, Pick Pockets, Junkies, Rockstars and Punks,” was published a couple of years ago, according to the New York Times. Lee Childers attended Kentucky Southern College. Furthermore, he got involved in photography when he was in San Francisco; however, others say he got involved in photography in New York.

Leee Childers not only got involved in photography, he also became a pioneer as a rock musician manager. He served as tour manager for Iggy Pop, the Heartbreakers, and David Bowie. He even worked for Sid Vicious, vocalist for the punk pioneering band the Sex Pistols who died of a drug overdoes in 1979.

Leee Childers will be greatly missed by fellow musicians as he not only worked as a photographer, but even as manager for different musicians. His death ironically comes a day after the 20th anniversary death of Kurt Cobain, the famous musician who led the grunge band Nirvana to music success and pioneering influence for many alternative rock bands. For more information on the death of Leee Childers, visit the NYT article link below:

Blog Post Entry 6

In a recent NYT article, Frankie Knuckles, a veteran in the DJ field area of music, has recently passed away as of last week.  He died at the age of 59 due to the complication of Diabetes.  He ruled the underground music scene of clubs and was given a surprising mourn from a lot of people.  He grew up in the Bronx and used records from black soul musicians such as Cheryl Lynn, and Loleatta Hollooway, according to the article.  Furthermore, he played at clubs in Chicago and would eventually return to New York City in the 1990’s .  His style of music became a commercial success much like other people’s dance music played in the 1990’s.  Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc, allowed remixes of some of their songs at Def Mix, a production company that remixes music.  One of his well know songs is The Whistle Song.  Although he has problems developing over the last few years, he still did gigs in Europe.  His death comes a few days shy of the 20th anniversary Kurt Cobain’s death on April 5th, 1994.  Another musician’s upcoming date of death is Joey Ramone, the lead singer of the now broken up Ramones band whop pioneered punk rock.  He died of cancer on April 15th, 2001.  All the musicians should be greatly missed since they had a large impact on society of music.  They put their best efforts in making music that could sound very well to the average human being that likes a certain type of music.  For more information on the article, please visit the link below.

Blog Post Entry 5

Knoxville, Tennessee, a city where music can be found,  music had been listened to just this past weekend at a music festival.  The Big Ears Music Festival, an music festival held every year in Knoxville, Tennessee, provides an experience for many people who like specific genres: jazz, metal, classical music, hard rock, etc.  More specifically, all these genres are diverse since they go back in time to the roots of a certain type of music sub genre (s) of the music. According to the New York Times article, attendance was a little under 2000 each day probably due to the repetition, looping, and “the intimation of eternity or cyclical time that these strategies lend to the composer, or more important, to the listener,” said NYT reporter Ben Ratliff. The article seems to be about listening to the full stop of the genre rathe rather than listening to genre x or tradition y, according, to Ratliff. The festival was created by Ac Entertainment in 2009 and the festival went on in 2010. However, the festival went on a automatic hiatus partly because Steve Reich, an American composer, had calendar restrictions for the 2011 and Ashley Capps, the founder of Ac had a busy schedule. Many well known performers showed up at this years Big Ears Music Festival including Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and Steve Reich. In my book, this would have been an exciting experience because I like all different types of rock music. I surprisingly even like some jazz music. Hopefully, the music festival will bring in more people.