Album Review!! Spellbound – Yngwie Malmsteen

Can I just give this damn album an A as a grade?  Why yes.  This album provides me the excitement of listening to the eccentric guitar playing of Yngwie Malmtseen. This Swedish musician rips shreds on guitar.  Seriously? Thank goodness, because this guy really knows how to get a really good grade on homework of shredding.  Yngwie does not fail at all, yet many of his songs are largely heavy metal ( neoclassical metal) related.  Tracks “God of War” and “Spellbound” have fantastic arpeggios and sweep picking that are initiated by this great god guitarist.  There is even a wonderful kind of bluesy instrumental metal song titled “Iron Blues,” that will probably knock any listeners feet off.  As Yngwie continues to be successful with the releasing of his studio albums, you shall not be disappointed with this piece of artwork


Enjoy the flow of music

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