Album Review of Intermezzo

Michael Angelo Batio, who is well-known for being part of the former California-based band Nitro, released his eighth studio album titled “Intermezzo.” back in November of 2013 under his record label M.A.C.E. music.  This is just simply an awesome album.  A good feeling of listening to the good neoclassical and progressive metal.  Furthermore, even instrumental rock since most of Michael’s music is largely without any lyrics.   Influenced by popular guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Metallica, Pantera, and many more musicians, this ambidextrous player is just so robust with providing shred playing with his picking.  Tracks “Oceans of Time” and “8 Pillars of Steel” are one of the few songs to give fast arpeggios and sweep picking.  Michael has been voted number 1 in several publications as the fastest playing guitarist of all time.  This album will not be a disappointment to anyone who purchases this album. [A-]


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