Album Review: “The Power Within”

Dragonforce’s fifth studio album “The Power Within,” was released back in April of 2012.  These metal players sure knew how to make such a great piece of artwork.  This is the first album to feature new vocalist Marc Hudson to fulfill vocalist for the departing ZP Theart.  People should not be disappointed in purchasing this album.  They might be however upset that  ZP Theart departed.  Furthermore, I am giving this album an A- grade.  Why?  Oh yes yes right, there are elements of Children of Bodom, Megadeth, Dream Theater, and Iron Maiden music.  Of course if one listens  to the track “Cry Thunder,” there is a mixture of riffs from the famous “Bloodrunk” track by Children of Bodom and John Petrucci style of shredding. If we delve into the riffs more deeply of “Cry Thunder,” there is just that feeling of so called “light playing” versus the “Bloodrunk” having more “dark plying,” since COB is more melodic death/ symphonic black metal. Not to mention, COB’s guitar tuning is normally down tuned for their flavor of music. Tracks “Cry Thunder” and “Heart of the Storm” have elements of JP’s style of playing solos. He uses awesome distortion and arpeggio pick playing to become the god of guitarists who can play fast. Listening to the song “Give me the Night,” there are key parts of guitar and keyboard playing that should be listened to since you can find pieces of “Revolutionary Deathsquad.” That song was in Dragonforce’s “Inhumane Rampage” studio album, which has garnered success for the band. There is many more things to say; however, note that this album is well worth the penny. Here is a YouTube video of the full album.


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