Album Review: Maximum Overload

So since this is the sixth album released by Dragonforce on August of 2014, the band has continued to success.  Featuring vocalist frontman Marc Hudson for a second time in the band’s studio album, Trivium’s singer Matt Heafy is enlisted into three songs, “No More,” “The Game,” and “Defenders.” I am not the biggest fan of Trivium, but Matt does not seem to have the right shoe size  thrown into a Dragonforce album.  Nonetheless, I do praise “The Game” for being a symphonic song with  Hermain Li and Sam Totman being the two dual guitar soloists they are, provided that their solos is what makes these metallers so great at their style of playing.  Even more amazing, I have to question is it me or did John Petrucci, Steve Vai, and Herman Li secretly take turns playing solos in the track “Power and Glory?”  Now I know they did not, but if that would have been the case, then this would have been a pure genius move that Dragonforce put on.  You could not entirely ask for anything better. I mean three great guitarists that can play very well for the amount of time they put into music.  For the track “Tomorrow’s King,”  some hardcore Dragonforce fans might hear some elements of the older songs “Valley of the Damned” and “Fury of the Storm.”  Just listen to some of the riffs, solo parts, and keyboard parts to get down to the bone.  I will go deeper into saying that for the track “Extraction Zone,” Herman and Sam really nail the solo and the nearing outro pieces of this song, much like they did in the past studio albums of the band.  So what is the lesson?  Get the album because it is so damn good, but this is not the best much like the older ones of the band.  Hopefully, Dragonforce will make more albums in the future with Marc, as he continues to span his time with Herman, Sam, and the other guys of the band.  B+ for this album. Check out the official song video of “The Game” below.


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