Nevermind Album Review: This One is 23 Years Old Today


When former frontman Kurt Cobain of the now deceased Nirvana band made this album, they took a deep stab into fame.  This dinner plate that has been served to the folks at table 21 were lucky since the meal tasted so good.  In fact,the people at table 21 went on to say they cannot complain about the meal, as many Nirvaners could not complain about how great this album was.  A wonderful piece of artwork from elements of power chord progressions of punk rock to lyrics connecting to depression and suicide, two ideas no one would want to have.

This album is not even a joke with some of the exquisite songs such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “In Bloom,” “Something in the Way,” “Drain You,” and of course the fast and distorted “Breed.”  All of these songs threw Nirvana on top as the “King of Grunge.”  Why?  Well of course they popularized the sub-genre much like the Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam.  And although Nirvana did not last for over a decade, their other albums “Bleach” and “In Utero,” received critical acclaim for the bands ability to give heavy distortion on a particular type of music that was popular in the western part of the United States; especially Seattle.  Although Kurt had shocked many people on April 1994 by committing suicide with a shotgun, Nirvana’s music has still lived on to this day. [A]


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