Album Review: Breaking the Fourth Wall (Dream Theater)


Well Dream Theater is continuing to finish off their “Along for the Ride ” tour.  They have finished off their journey in South America and will now be performing in the Asia/Oceania area.  Upon dissecting this alive album, there are very well-edited graphics of the band performing with guests Berklee College of Music “Concert Choir” and “World Strings .”  DT’s live album was released under Roadrunner Records September 30 in North America.

The band works very well in performing some of the songs found on their recently released twelfth studio album “Dream Theater.”  The second song performed was “The Enemy Inside,” which received a Grammy nomination for “Best Metal Performance” back in December of 2013.  Influenced by the styles of play from Iron Maiden and Deep Purple, DT guitarist John Petrucci incorporates his fast guitar ability with the soloing much like that of  Kurt Hammett of Metallica.  The performance of the instrumental piece “Enigma Machine,” provides unbelievable virtuosic work from DT keyboardist Jordan Rudess and Petrucci.  Bassist John Myung and drummer Mike Mangini  do their own ability parts within the song.  Even more impressive, we get Mike doing his own drum solo.  He plays like a bat out of hell of Joey Kramer and Lars Ulrich.  Hey! Hey! Hey! Mike! Welcome to the music club.  here, you will find “Enigma Machine” bringing you the idea that we are not alone.  Jam and let’s go along for the ride.  The Berklee College Music guests would finally make their way to performing at the track “Illumination Theory.”  Being over 15 minutes long, this song provides a lot of complex instrumental elements along the lines of using progressive metal  to not only make it fun, but to even throw in artsy if you would call it, of keyboard and guitar riff parts that are highly impressive.  Jordan performs using his keytar to impress folks like me of his crazy keyboard sills that you just want to say “Looks I cannot do that.” Nevertheless, we get Petrucci’s soloing..  Petrucci himself uses his virtuoso skills from the music of Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Randy Rhoads to hone in the crowd at the Boston Opera House.

In the track “Shattered Fortress,”  Petrucci drives in Vai’s guitar skills using the whammy bar and ultimate shredding to not only bring the audience into the music, but to impress many Dream Theater fans on how well Petrucci can play.  In studio album eleven, “On the Backs of Angels” was performed.  Here, Petrucci uses his swag that he collected when he was young playing Metallica and Pink Floyd songs.  The famous James Hetfield music can be heard in the heavy riff part of that song.  What makes this song even better than probably a lot of songs that people heard, is the fact that this songs has one of the best Dream Theater solos out their.  You get this feeling of a Jimmy Page/ Kirk Hammett  with a typical Petrucci solo, dreamy kind of solo that would probably drag the average DT’s fan feet into the music.  Of course, we get James Labrie does really well of trying to be the Steven Tyler or Freddie Mercury of this songs.  I know he says ” Lead me like a lamb to the slaughter.”   If this song was a about leaving a specific music critic to the area of other ones, I would put the lyrics into this phrase, “leave me like a Robert Christgaun to the land of the critics.”  Anyway, DT also added songs to the concert playlist from both the “Awake”  and  “Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes from a Memory”albums, released in 1994 and 1999 respectively.   A song that many people might like from the “Awake” album is “Space Dye Fest” for its beautiful piano part put up by Jordan.  Also, you have to give credit to the actuality that the song possesses a good feeling of a typical Dream Theater song, even the average song will last six minutes at the minimum level.  Perhaps a song that might be most impressive from the “Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes from a Memory” album in this performance, would have to be no doubt “Scene Two: Strange Deja Vu.”  Why?  The most likely answer is the fact of music from bands like Rush, Deep Purple, and Iron Maiden are incorporated into the music.  Keyboard and guitar playing are my biggest focuses in any Dream Theater song.  I just love JP’s and JR’s taste of music, and their style of playing.  overall, this live album was impressive and hopefully they can cook up something for the 2015 year.  [A+]

The album is available now.  Purchase it.


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