Thursday Instrumental Cookie (TIC)


Fellow bloggers, I am giving you a cookie.  No, not the one that you are able to sniff and taste, although, I am sure a lot of you enjoy cookies.  But anyway, I am here to announce that every Thursday, I will be publishing a TIC (Thursday Instrumental Cookie), a weekly blog post published giving you insight into a instrumental piece that I find interesting.  Also, it is based on a song that I find quite interesting just from hearing it.

In this week’s TIC, Rusty Cooley’s song “Under the Influence,” is this weeks lucky candidate.  Why did I choose this song.  First off, I love that this song is very interesting with the way it is constructed.  The riffs that you are hearing at the beginning sound exactly like Swedish guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen’s song “Damnation Game.”  Even more amazing, Cooley himself is unique on the fact that he is influenced by guitarists like Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and many other great axers.  “Under the Influence” is found on Cooley’s first solo album “Rusty Cooley,” released back in 2003 under Lion Music.  The album is available at iTunes.  A couple of YouTube videos are available below.


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