Savory Saturday

Alright bloggers let’s kick off the debut of the edition “Savory Saturday.”  The tune that I choose for this edition is one that you probably have heard of if you are a big speed/thrash metal fan, Tornado of Souls.  Originally from Megadeth’s fourth studio album “Rust in Peace,” this piece of wonderful music continues to ring in my head.  Punk music riffs are present in the heavy distortion mode of this song.  Further looking into the song, tornadoes seem to do a lot of damage on the guitar strings, with Chris Broderick’s solo shredding in the video below.  The video depicts Megadeth’s live performance at the Hollywood Palladium celebrating the 20th anniversary release of “Rust in Peace,” which was critically acclaimed after release.  The album itself has become one of Megadeth’s most known albums that has had an enormous influence in metal music.


Enjoy the flow of music

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