Album Review: Taylor Swift’s “1989”


“Where is it? I do not know.  It’s gone. That’s cool. It’s lost.  I know.  Where could it be? Could be anyway.  Maybe it will come back.  Maybe but noy yet.  [Glares at the floor]. It is gone.  That’s cool.  Are we gonna go through this shit again?” Even though Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album, “1989” makes some changes by moving away from country pop, the torch is still carried with poppy melodies and repetitive lyrics. “Welcome to New York” p provides a kind of cheesy synthpop environment. I think it would be more necessary shaking! shaking! it off to music that does not have lyrics. Besides, good music does not need a condiment of lyrics/words. Although, not all hope is bad. Swift’s “Coming Out of the Woods,” sounds like a song that could be used for an acoustic instrumental cover. At least for argument sakes, this album could be a lot worse. Many of Swift’s fans I am sure will be happy with an album shifting sub-genre gears.  [C]


10 thoughts on “Album Review: Taylor Swift’s “1989”

  1. My daughter loves Taylor Swift and I posted this very song. It got a lot of likes and I think she’s doing a wonderful job! I guess you sort of have to ask her followers and fan why they like her so much! My daughter and her friends love her and could not wait for this to come out! 😀

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