Capsule Review (Song): “Souls of Black ” Testament


Released under the second studio album “Souls of Black,” “Souls of Black” becomes one of the first few singles of Testament’s rage music, symbolizing them to hit mainstream metal bands Metallica and Megadeth, just to name a couple.  Alex Skolnick’s style of music from Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, and many other classical guitarists, causes him to use abrasive style riffs in this song.  Heck, I cannot forget the damn solo, which seems to carry Skolcick’s kick ass shredding of like a Yngwie Malmsteen of thrash metal.  Chuck Billy’s dark lyrics “Look at the lost souls, oh they seem some black, look at the lost souls, souls so black” personifies himself.  His deep voice and staying on key shines how great Testament is.  For this matter, many Testament fans will remember this song for a long time to come.  [A-]


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