Guitarist of the Month (Kirk Hammett)


That is right! Kirk Hammett of Metallica is the chosen one.  Hammett who has been a metaller member with the group since the beginning of Metallica, he has gone on to be one of the greatest guitarist.  Having influences from Jim Hendrix to Johnny Ramone, his style of playing would become universal for Metallica.  Hammett constantly puts together fast punk rock riffs with power chord progressions that would raise your hands of cheer in the air.  Upon that, sprinkling tons of notes in shredding, with of course whammy bar usage, constructed Hammett’s profile as a true axeman.  Songs like “Ride the Lightning” and “Enter Sandman” proves Metallica’s initial ability to creat music that still revolutionize many people to get into their music.  A video of Hammett shredding is available below.


Enjoy the flow of music

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