TIC (Thursday Instrumental Cookie)

In this edition of Thursday Instrumental Cookie, you might have heard this guitarist.  Wearing a KFC bucket over his head, named Brian Patrick Carroll, we shall name this strange musician Buckethead.  For he brings a great stream of innovative music to the batting plate.  He is ready to swing the guitar and hit the baseball.  Being one of the most technical musicians in this generation, I chose the song “Electric Tears,” off the ninth studio album, “Electric Tears,” which is prehaps one of Buckethead’s most calming music lies in.  With a true feeling of ambient and distortion calmness, this song truly dazzles as a shiny knight of laid back music, enjoying the look out of the sea.  With this sense of sublime and whirl of artistry, the mysterious guitarist has proven his ability to play in silence and that six stringed instrument, constructing him a genre/sub genre diverse musician player.


8 thoughts on “TIC (Thursday Instrumental Cookie)

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