“Ride the Lightning” Album Review


Marking the 30th anniversary this year, Metallica’s second studio album slammed stores and was praised to many of the hungry metal fans.  Having sold more than two million copies, the album has become one of the most successful metal albums in the history of music making.  With no time-wasting and getting to fast chords, James Hetfield naturalized his deep voicing skills.  Intriguingly, Hetfield’s usage of kind of poppy, yet great influence of punk riffs, nails him to the wall of a great Metallica member for years to continue.

Danish drummer Lars Ulrich slams the drum snares that belongs to his faith of a great metaller beater.  His kick-ass 4/4 beats with the well-known speed he possesses, are found in the many Metallica songs of this album.  For instance, track 1,”Fight Fire With Fire” proves Ulrich’s unbelievable speed.  This is a very key element that Ulrich holds in many other Metallica albums he is featured in later.  The big runner-up though is Kirk Hammett.  A true guitar god, he has become one of the most widely known and respected metal guitarist, especially during the era of Dimebag Darrell and Pantera.

Tracks like “Fight Fire With Fire” and “Ride The Lightning” are key to Metallica’s ability to provide punk rock riffs that greatly influenced the group, via Sex Pistols and Ramones.  Furthermore, the songs contain Hammett’s great skills of soloing.  Strict bending and legato series gives Hammett edge in these songs.  Well designed song “Fade to Black” provides naturally smooth acoustic hearing, that you can be able to understand the band’s darkness.  Yet, at the same time, the art is laying within the album.  “For Whom the Bell Tolls” slams dunk this album to become one of the most widely known Metallica songs played at their concerts.  Again, punk riffs and even alternate picking are key to this song.  That said, realize that the album contains many good songs listened to.  Yes lyrics on warfare, killing, and etc, but good freaking melodies kicks-ass on this album for these thrashers. [B+]


Enjoy the flow of music

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