Capsule Review: “Heroes of Our Time” Dragonforce

Released under Dragonforce’s fourth studio album, “Ultra Beatdown,” this song is perhaps one of the most recognized songs of Dragonforce .  I mean crazy whammy bar usage and soloing by Herman Li and Sam Totman. Of course, both of these guitarist unleash som much energy from playing the guitar that they could be possibly called “The Megadeth of Power Metal.”  You can find metaller Marty Friedman’s style of playing in both these guitarists that carry importance for the legacy of Dragonforce.  Sadly, “Ultra Beatdown” would be the last album to have high energized ZP Theart, who would form the English metal group ” I Am I.” Even then, this song still belongs in the book as one of Dragonforce’s most energetic and greatest song ever created.  [A]


Enjoy the flow of music

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