Question Time From This Blogger

Good morning fellow bloggers,

Whom ever is viewing this post shall answer this question.  What is the best concert you have been to? Tell me the name of the group you saw and the location of the performance.  It can be any artists that you like by the way!  Please put the answers in the comment section below.  Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to everybody!  Enjoy having carved up turkey or deer.

, Sincerely Steven


12 thoughts on “Question Time From This Blogger

  1. Oh dear, I have to say that for entertainment and the music it would have to be Barry Manilow in Dublin at the O2 – it was his first in Ireland so back in 2002? Made even more memorable because my husband wore earplugs and dropped off in the second half. Would love however to go and see Take That in concert and dare I say One direction and Keith Urban… OMG mixed messages….


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite concert was Tool in Jacksonville, FL. It was several years ago when Danny was injured so they took breaks in between songs so he could rest, and Maynard would tell jokes! Melt Banana opened for them and usually they sound great but live it was awful 😦

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    • I have never seen Tool. The only songs I can think from them are Scishm and Parabola. It is a shame the concert was not well lit to you. But I am sure you can find other bands that are good at playing live. Or hopefully, Tool will be better live if you go to one of their concerts next time.


  3. I have had the privilege of seeing some amazing concerts in my day. Hands down the best performance ever was Rammstein in Phoenix in 2012. Rammstein ‘ s stage show is unrivaled by even the great Iron Maiden. It was a remarkably diverse crowd, the band was spot on with their performance, and I was in row 10. If you ever have the opportunity to see them I say don’t miss it! For those who have not seen them, check out YouTube and see for yourself.


    • Great Information. I have never seen Rammstein, but heard of them. I am lucky that I got the chance to see Dream Theater live. Probably one of the top groups that would go in my books. They just finished touring last month, and recently released a live album called “Breaking the Fourth Wall.” You can get it on Amazon, iTunes, or Roadrunner Records store. I also wrote an album review about it, so check that out as well!

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  4. There have been a handful since not many big bands come down to Mumbai, India. There was the Rolling Stones many years ago, and Roger Waters—both shows were such a treat! But I got to say that the most recent concert that I attended and loved was at the Bilbao BBK festival in July 2013 that had Depeche Mode in full form! And, Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club were excellent too. Here’s hoping that Mumbai gets some good music SOON! Or, the annual festival rounds in Europe must be done.


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