The COMM in Music

Tools and Stones

Music is a part of the Filipino Life. From our ancestors to the people who “visited” our country and today, the modern times, listening to music has been a daily habit and what has been streamed into our radios, TVs and computers has been influenced by so many things. Looking into it in the communications perspective, there’s no denying about the power of music, in sending out messages that is.

The power of music as a communications media has been established for such a long time that organizations now widely uses them as a part of their campaigns, advertisements or promotions. Here are some of those organizations:

1. McDonalds and the “First Love” Commercial
What better way to show how much this fastfood chain has been a part of the Filipino lives through the years than with a song that transcends through generations?

The use of music to narrate a…

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Enjoy the flow of music

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