Album Review: “Blooddrunk” Children of Bodom


Blooddrunk,” the sixth studio album created by Finnish melodic death metallers Children of Bodom and released under Spinefarm Records, displays the threshold this band has to offer.  Singer and guitarist Alexi Laiho’s powerful screaming and shocking guitar skills have brought the band to mainstream culture in Finland.  His skills and band continues to bring a large audience. Children of Bodom has been able over the years to develop an area of diverse music from melodic death metal to neoclassical music.  Influenced happily by guitarists like Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Laiho incorporates a range of playing elements in his music.  “Hellhounds On My Trail” beginning guitar solo can be heard with the whammy bar along with a  possible piece of Vai’s single “For The Love of God,” for this makes Laiho a true god guitarist.  Janne Wirman’s presence playing in songs  “Lobodomy” and “One Day You Will Cry,” makes him sound like Vadim Pruzhanov and Jordan Rudess just slapped together. Speed of Wirman’s keyboard playing are before or after a Laiho solo.  This album will not be a disappointment for anyone interested into listening to an album locked just under 40 minutes.  [B]


Enjoy the flow of music

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