Album Review: “Wintersun” Wintersun


Not too long ago, Finland added another great melodic death metal band.  Although not as popular as Finnish groups  Nightwish and Children of Bodom, Wintersun has a lot of music to offer.  “Wintersun,” being the first studio album of the group, brings to the table blast beats that can probably be heard a thousand miles away from another country.  The sound will blow your ears away to a new level.  Cold, death, and darkness run in the lyrics.  Yet, songs like ” Beyond the Dark Sun,” give this album an edge at melody along with fast single note riffs .  Even better, the shredding put into the band’s epic work will impress anyone  listening to solos coming from diverse influences of John Petrucci to Shawn Lane and even Yngwie Malmsteen.  [A]


Enjoy the flow of music

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