My Top 10 Songs of the Week “Why Am I So Emotional?” : MYFAVORITES


It is SO weird. This week I was already knowing what my #2 and #3 would be, and I feel like I knew what my #1 was going to be. This morning though, when I logged into WordPress and started a draft for this post… I drew a total blank. I thought that maybe it would come to me if I waited a few hours to try to post it, but the time has come and I still don’t remember what that #1 was supposed to be. SO, I moved #2 and #3 up and here we go. Enjoy!

(The Grammy nominations haven’t been fully announced, but the majority have. And I just have to say BULLSHIT!!! I don’t understand the nominees. AT ALL!)

10. Michael Jackson “Smile”

So I was feeling very… UGH… earlier this week. Just kind of discouraged and doubtful and insecure about my classes and Photoshop…

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