REVIEW: Yusuf / Cat Stevens Makes Triumphant Return To Philadelphia

98.1 WOGL

On February 27, 1976, singer-songwriter Cat Stevens performed a show at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Little did anybody know it would take him 38 years to return to the Tri-State Area.

Yes, the road back to the stage for the artist now billed as Yusuf / Cat Stevens has been eventful, controversial and quite puzzling to many at times.

In late 1977, Stevens, after a near death experience and a newfound interest in exploring multiple religious practices, began searching for a deeper meaning of life and converted to Islam. In 1978, he would change his name to Yusuf Islam. He performed one more time as Cat Stevens in late 1979 at London charity concert and auctioned off his guitars for charity.

Soon after, the man who successfully provided an unforgettable soundtrack in the early 1970s for the baby boomer generation, walked away from music to devote himself to his…

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