Who is Zachary Thomas?

Zachary Thomas

Hi! My name is Zachary Thomas, and I am a music fanatic. I have had an obsession with music for years. This obsession has influenced the majority of my decisions in life. After graduating high school, I enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi. My passion for music led me to choose recording industry management as my major. What is recording industry management? It is another way to say music business. Students in this major learn about topics like tour booking, artist management, and music marketing. Not long after choosing this major, I took an internship with South City Records, a student-run record label. However, it was not long until I felt that I had learned all I could from the experience, so I started my own record label in January this year. My label, Rabid Wolf Records, focuses on releasing “heavy” music. “Heavy” is a term that encompasses many…

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