Savory Saturday

One of the most well-known songs of British metal group Iron Maiden. it will make you want to pick up the guitar and rock out, “Number of the Beast.”  Found on the amazing music game Guitar Hero 3, you can wonder how Iron Maiden became popular.  With “Number of the Beast” found on the third studio album “Number of the Beast,”  it provides listenable power chords that will blow your mind away.  Want to know something even better? Dual guitar solos slapped into this song as well!!  Guitarists Adrian Smith and Dave Murray use their skills that have honed them as one of the greatest metal players.  Over the years, Iron Maiden has become one of the most respected bands in metal history, and still make studio albums to this day.  Listen to the song below, just so you can enjoy one of music’s greatest metaller groups.


Enjoy the flow of music

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