OFFICIAL VIDEO! Cecilia And The Satellite by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

the beekeeper

It’s finally here! And it features the one and only adorable Cecilia, the first daughter to proud parents Andrew and Kelly McMahon. I’m not a parent but am a new aunt and this song and video hits me in all the feels. I’m used to all the new proud mamas on my facebook (including my big sis) boasting new pictures and videos of the newest additions to their families. But this video shows something that is mostly missing from my facebook feed – a DAD absolutely in love with his new baby daughter. I’ve been a fan of Andrew’s for YEARS. I’ve seen him thirteen times (fourteenth coming up this January!) and it’s so beautiful to see his transition from punk rocker to intimate pianist to proud papa. His newest, self titled album is his best yet (in my own personal opinion). Lyrically and musically, I just cannot get enough…

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