Shiny Red Nothing

Shiny Red Nothing

nothing, shiny red
it’s a way of thinking
a view from my bed
a story in my head
a bite from my bread
declarative? not really
I’d rather hang back
and just let you see me
indivisible, not biblical
roundabout cylindrical
check out my mandible
while I ride around this turntable

action? I make things happen
my mind is like a weapon
I go everywhere strappin’
visible but invisible
I’ll start you out with the physical
check out my rhymes to this
as you try to get a handle
hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
you spent the night with me
and now you think about me daily
bizarre stream of consciousness
picture painting, Haley

if we summon the demons, baby
you’ve claimed that keep you at bay
do you think we speak the right language, maybe
to convince them all to go away?

a small thing, curious
at least your feeling…

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