SMV: The Rolling Stones Live At The Hampton Coliseum

First Draft

The first 12 minutes of this 12/18/1981 video are fascinating. It shows the Stones backstage complete with a massive entourage including some of their chirren. There were two big surprises: Bill Wyman can smile and the band passed around Gatorade before hitting the stage in sweet Virginia.  Less surprising was seeing a nervous Bill Graham trying to organize the chaos.

The show features some stellar sax playing by longtime Stones sideman Bobby Keys who died the other day at the age of 70. Another recently departed member of the 1981 touring band is keyboard player Ian McLaganbest known for his time with the Faces. Ian died earlier this week at the age of 69. This one’s for Bobby and Ian:

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One thought on “SMV: The Rolling Stones Live At The Hampton Coliseum

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