The Ghostly Advent Calendar: 6th December – Christmas Carols in Minor Keys

The Ghostly Gentlewoman


A short post today, as I’ve said some of this before  and still stand by my belief that Christmas carols are some of the most ghoulishly awful songs you’ll hear all year.

With this in mind, I greatly enjoyed this Gawker article, ‘Creepy Christmas Carols for a Less Cheerful Holiday’ and the links to songs that had somehow slipped off my horror list. ‘Patapan‘ is particularly chilling, with translated English lyrics below:

Willie, take your little drum, Robin take your flute and come!
When we hear the right we will sing Noel this night,
When we hear the fife and drum, Christmas should be frolicsome.

Thus the men of olden days for the King of Kings to praise,
When they heard the fife and drum, ture-lure-lu, pata-pata-pan,
When they hear the fife and drum, sure, our children won’t be dumb.

God and man are now become more at one than…

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