This Guy Blew My World Away

So I was looking at new bands to find, and I came along this guitarist by the name of Gus Drax.  Holy crap can I just say he already has the balls to play music that I love.  Jason Becker, Jeff Loomis, etc all great guitarists, but Drax is apparently a well-known Greek guitar player.  Check out his cover song of Megadeth’s “Lucretia.”


5 thoughts on “This Guy Blew My World Away

  1. This is actually very funny! I wrote a review on Black Fate, the currant band Drax is in, and it was very good. You should check them out.


    • Oh really? But I know that he plays in “Biomechanical, an Enlgish progressive metal band. I actually got Drax’s solo album. I heard a few snippets of it, and let me just say I already like it. You can order his solo album on iTunes. Just type in Gus Drax, and you should not miss his solo album. I will look into Black Fate and Paradox, two bands he is involved in. Have a good day and I hope you find some interesting materials that I have posted. Cheers!


      • Thank you very much! I will certainly look into these albums. I would recommend the latest creation of Black Fate, Between Visions & Lies. It has a fantastic vibe to it.
        A good day to you as well.


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