WPGC Joins Should Could Dream Tour

WPGC - 95.5

The Should Could Dream Tour has traveled to over 400 schools and reached more than 390,000 students.

Now, WPGC is joining the tour to inspire the youth with a 60 -minute electrifying performance that includes acting, motivational speaking, poetry, and music.  The tour’s first official stop at Laurel High School on Dec 11 reached more than 600 students in grades 10 and 11 with Mr. 24/7  Tony Redz, SCD creator Duane Myko, and local group teen heartthrobs “4EY The Future“.

Check out video from our first stop:

The Should Could Dream Tour created by Duane Myko was established in 2011.  The tour is a motivational and educational stage production that inspires students to work hard to pursue a higher education, and shows innovative techniques of how to succeed in life.  The Should Could Dream  tour will make it’s next stop in January 2015.

Follow WPGC and Tony Redz on Twitter.

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