Album Review: “In Search of Perfection” Gus Drax


Perhaps I should mention that recently discovering this new guitarist, you can see a true shredder heading out of the door.  Walking into the realm of many shred players, Gus Drax will become an even more known to people with his ripping style of guitar.  His solo album, “In Search of Perfection” masks his taste of metal guitarists that ave had an enormous influence on how he looks at the guitar.  Influenced by master guitarists Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Jeff Loomis, speed is key to Gus’s playing that will blow many people’s mind away.

The beginning of ” The End of Innocence” combines together with Loomis and  Malmsteen.  Neoclassical metal is at its best in this song.  The solo that goes into this tune has elements from Dream Theater’s own John Petrucci and former Cacophony guitarists Jason Becker and Marty Friedman.  All of these guitarist give the speed and sound that propelled Drax’s taste of good musicianship.  Malmsteen’s 1980’s technical guitar ripping is heard in “Hourglass.”  The hourglass of many guitarist’s music coming across each other to forever change the way one looks at the guitar.  “In Loving Memory” is the main track of this album with improvisation mellow Jason Becker and wild shredder Malmsteen.  These two guitarists combine well portraying music.  This album should not disappoint anyone into the field of shred guitarists. [A]


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