Song of the Moment: Addicted to Super Heroes!


Ever since Michele introduced me to the Avengers, which they are officially now known as MI.O, I have been paying very close attention to them. When they released their first single, 집을 사야해 (Google translated as To Buy A House), I couldn’t move a muscle. This song is a hair-raiser! It was hard to sum them up in one word. So hard! I wanted to say they are STUNNING: music and vocal wise. I asked Michele if she could describe them in one word too. It is hard. She struggled big time and I did get her off guard too (she and her mom are braving themselves to the mall for last minute Christmas shopping). In the end, she said it was “HUMBLING to be privy to such exquisite talent.”This love and longing for their voices are hard to deal with. I personally scared of turning on my playlist. Whenever it landed on…

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