A Brief Chat: On the Theory of Music

EDM Music Theory

I was originally going to tack this at the beginning of the first proper “lesson”, but I decided to keep the lesson as focused to one topic as possible. I figured this was a pretty short side-note, so I decided to call this a “brief chat”, sticking to the casual conversation style I’m going for with these blogs. I may post these brief chats once in a while, and they will serve as small clarification points and whatnot.

In this first brief chat, I just want to make mention on… well, I guess you could say the theory of music theory. In short, I just want to emphasize that we are looking at music theory; it is a theory, not necessarily a fact. To best summarize, someone once told me (I wish I could recall who) that music theory is not how to write music, but how other people —…

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Enjoy the flow of music

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