J Cole’s A Favorite So What.


Its always been hard for me to talk to people about music, I’m so opinionated. Growing up around nothing but good music like Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Biggie, The Temptations. I’ve always been eclectic. Always exposing myself to different types of music from different genres and music from different parts of the world. So when people try to argue with me about who is a better artist or who is more lyrically inclined it’s the ultimate struggle. This guy, who shall remain anonymous walked up to me and said “hey I read you’re blog, I like it. It’s dope but, I hate J Cole he’s not lyrical.” Initially I felt disrespected, no lie but before I reacted I had to ask this young man who he thought was lyrical, who was his favorite rapper and why. He said his favorite rapper was Lil Wayne. Now when he said that I…

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