The 30 Best Hey Oh! Songs of 2014

Giddy Up America

32Okay, for this list, it’s the same game as last year. It’s not a best of list. It’s not about what was most popular, least popular, cool or uncool. No sir. This list is about one thing and one thing only.

This list is the best Hey Oh! songs of 2014.

What’s a Hey Oh! song you ask? Simple. Very simple. It’s a song that when it came on incited an unsolicited, deep from the belly & soul Ron Burgandy quality Hey Oh!  Hey oh! That’s a damn good song. You might have said it out loud, but you definitely thought it. You turned the volume up, you danced, you pressed repeat and yelled to no one in particular- DJ ONE MORE TIME.

The list of the best Hey Oh! Songs of 2014 will be broken down into categories:

Old Standbys Showing That They Still Got It

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