Stranger – MOTHXR


In honor of MOTHXR’s final show in their 3 week residency at Pianos in NYC (Sadly I cannot attend, but trust me, I wanted to be there more than anything) I will give my thoughts on my favorite song of theirs – “Stranger”.

To start – who the hell knew that Penn Badgley had this in him?!?!? He sensually croons out the words ‘it’s in me, it’s in you too/only she could know me/but we haven’t met before/I’m feeling, feeling/she thinks she knows me/I don’t give a fuck at all’ and the feeling it gives me is electrifying! Penn you naughty boy, making me feel things I didn’t know I could!

The production on this is phenomenal, the beat is slick with a slight exotic dance feel. There’s an air of mystery surrounding the deliverance of the vocals and the whole thing is entrancing. Constantly on repeat, and I suggest…

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Enjoy the flow of music

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