Nowhere in Particular RA

So, supersonicsonja from the Off to NewZealand blog nominated me, amongst others, for the Liebster blogging award. that’s German for favorite or beloved. aww, I feel all warm and fuzzy now ❤

I said warm and fuzzy, not stuffed and itchyI said warm and fuzzy, not stuffed and itchy

This award is intended to spread the blogging love and promote other blogs by linking to the person who nominated you, nominating 5 or more blogs yourself, answering a set of questions that were posed to you and then coming up with your own questions for those you nominate. I love answering questions! (as my list of many “challenges” clearly shows *blushes*) and so I’ve spent a happy morning completing this fun task, instead of the terrifying task I had planned of cleaning my 10 year old daughter’s room

just don't look, it's safer that wayjust don’t look, it’s safer that way

so let’s get down to business, because you know I”m not going…

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