The Swedish American Music Hall Just Became An Official Noise Pop Venue


Between whispers of uncertainty and delayed opening date projections, we were beginning to think the worst for the fate of the Swedish American Music Hall, a venue over a century old that had closed for renovation to better suit the needs of an apartment building going up next door (it’s a familiar tune, isn’t it?).

Noise Pop staffers remained mum, and the Ne Timeas Group, who are reportedly bringing an Basque-style restaurant called Aatxe to floor level of the three-part building, have likewise kept their plans pretty secret. (The underground speakeasy space that was formerly Cafe du Nord as we knew it will now be another cocktail bar, joining neighborhood joints like Churchill and Blackbird in the mixology directory.)

Still, there was a partnership underway, most clearly evidenced by the two groups’ collaboration for the 20th Street Block Party this year.

Nevertheless, both groups would not confirm what seemed obviously forthcoming: Noise…

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