We’re (Having) a Happy Family (Christmas): A Ramones Holiday Musical

True Tales of a Punk Rock Pinup

My guess is that right now everybody is starting to, ever so slowly, start checking out of life. Thoughts of fretting over the Henderson file and trying to get that spreadsheet finished are being replaced by daydreams of hot cocoa, hours laughing over board games, fireplaces, and fun family traditions. Yes, it’s almost time to get out of town and enjoy a pleasant holiday season with one’s nearest and dearest.

Or so we think. In the aftermath. A lot of times, its a completely different story in the here and now. Fortunately, there is a (sometimes dubiously) holiday-themed Ramones song to help you through every potentially stressful holiday situation.

DISCLAIMER 1: I am not at all basing this on my family’s holidays. This is based on the many, many sitcoms I have watched when I’m hanging out on my couch feeling kind of borderline depressed and trying to convince myself…

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