Favorite Albums of 2014

Great Moments Move Through You

It’s that annual “oh yeah I have a blog” time.

But first, questions:

  • Is this the most scattered list of favorite records I’ve ever posted?  I found something to love in just about every genre this year.
  • Why do I insist on posting these things every year when I know I’m going to finally get around to something next week that I missed, and regret my list?
  • Do podcasts count? Because I listened to a lot of those this year.
  • Can you say you work at a record store if you only worked there three times in the year?
  • Where does the time go?

Because ranking only leads to regret, I go with two buckets.

Records I Loved:

Run The Jewels — Run the Jewels 2

What a record. Seriously. RTJ2 is a perfect combination of apocalyptic hip hop production, a singular lyrical mission, a willingness to blend humor and hyperbole and warts-and-all social commentary, and an undeniable chemistry…

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Enjoy the flow of music

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