SongDay: A Cup of Kindness


Whenever I mention wanting to travel to a place to close friends, they ask “Is Hey Rosetta! playing?” and laugh. It’s kind of become a running joke. What can I say? I love to travel and I love music, so combining the two just seems like a good idea.

Have I driven eight hours solo to Philadelphia and been interrogated at the CAN/US border with a car search because who has ridiculous plans like that? …Yes.

Have I begged my boss to let me off work an hour early because of rock n’ roll to drive five hours to Edmonton so I wouldn’t risk missing a second of Hey Rosetta!’s set? Again, yes.

Do I have a million more stories like this for other bands I love? YES!

So, I shrug and look down when the answer is probably yes to when I’m questioned about my next ridiculous travel plans…

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