Stop Crying Your Heart Out


It’s been a while…

…to the point where I discovered that Facebook ‘yells’ at you if you’ve not published anything for longer than it deems appropriate – “Your paltry number of Facebook Followers haven’t heard from you in EIGHT days! Write them something! Have you disappeared? Buck your ideas up!

I stopped writing so that I could write Other Things, namely the couple of remaining #KickCancersAss things I have to do (no – they aren’t done yet *sigh*). Then I stopped (apart from my Ten Things of Thankful post) because I had run out of things to say. And this weekend I was stopped by a total lack of internet after our provider decided to give us one last catastrophe as we left them for someone better, and cause sufficient problem at an exchange that we were without any kind of connectivity for several days.

Now I’m back…

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