The ONLY ONES – ” Another Girl Another Planet “

The Fat Angel Sings

The Only Ones, Is This the perfect pop/rock song, “Another Girl, Another Planet” is a song by the English group The Only Ones, this is the second track on their first album,The Only Ones, released in 1978. The song has since been covered by several other performers.

“Another Girl, Another Planet” is by far The Only Ones’ best remembered song and has become something of a standard, covered by several notable artists. The Only Ones are often considered a one-hit wonder due to the popularity of “Another Girl, Another Planet” although the song was not actually a chart hit upon initial release in 1978. The track’s first chart appearance was in July 1981, when it appeared at Number 44 for one week on the New Zealand charts, before dropping out of the top 50. More than a decade later, “Another Girl, Another Planet” was re-released in…

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