Old Music Monday: Christmas Edition

kuratory: curated curiosity

thesixteenchristmasThis week the Old Music that I’ve been listening to has centered around Yuletide, specifically a hyperion recording of the Sixteen from 1987 called Christmas Music from Medieval and Renaissance Europe.  As usual, Hyperion doesn’t work with Spotify (grrrr) so I also have been streaming Christmas with the Tallis Scholars.  I also have a Pandora station of choral nowell music which keeps me company a lot, too.

So, a little history on Christmas is in order to understand Christmas music, especially Medieval Christmas music, which was sung while there was still a pagan influence in Europe.  (I know, it could be argued that there is still a pagan influence in Europe as all the people who get up to watch the sunrise at Stonhenge in the summer and winter can attest.  Still, it’s been mostly subdued by Christianity, I would say).  Most Christians understand and accept that Christmas developed…

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Enjoy the flow of music

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