Adorable Adjectives – Part One!

I-It's Not Like I Wanna Learn Kanji!

Hello everyone, Chris here, and Merry Christmas Eve. Quite a late post today due to the holidays coming up. Do you guys have anything special planned for Christmas? It seems like some of my family members will be working on Christmas day, so it won’t be until later in the night before we can celebrate together. Anyways, let’s get on to today’s post, our first post since finals from the end of November. I hope you all have been studying to retain your knowledge, because I know for sure that I have neglected my Japanese studies.

Right before we took our break for finals, we introduced conjugating verbs into past tense as well as negation of verbs. We’ll resume our studies with adjectives. Again, we will be splitting them into two distinct categories: i-adjectives and na-adjectives. They go by two general rules: i-adjectives will most often end with い (hence the…

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