My Top 20 radio pop songs that snuck their way into my iTunes library in 2014



If you know me, you know I have a very VERY wide taste in music and my iTunes library looks like that of a seventh grade girl who grew up on the streets of Compton and was born in the 60s; so basically I love rap, rock & roll, and pop music. I don’t like to listen to the radio a lot; but every once in a while when I do I find these pops songs that show up on Kiss 108 Top 40 countdowns and iTunes top 100 lists. Nine times out of ten I say, “I hate this song, what is this?” Then a week later I hear it again and go, “Crap, this song is amazing.” If the song is lucky enough, I’ll download it and queue it up in my iTunes library, thus learning all the words to said songs and screaming my heart out to…

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