Album Review: “The Odyssey” Symphony X


Being the sixth studio album of New Jersey progressive metallers Symphony X, they surely create great symphonic pieces of melodies in their music.  Allow me to explain.  Guitarist Michael Romeo contributes to using his excellent guitar skills to create complex distorted riffs.  The growth of progressive and hardcore rock/metal greatly influenced Romeo from bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Rush, Judas Priest, and Kansas.  However, there was this side of liking other musicians including Shawn Lane, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mozart, Bach, and renowned Jazz guitarist Allan Holdsworth.  The tastes of all these bands/musicians is greatly mixed in this album.  You can clearly hear the shred neoclassical elements of Malmsteen in the solo of “Inferno.”  It is even present in “King Terror.”  Both these songs even go on the same road as some of Dream Theater’s song such as ” Scarred,” found on the “Awake” album.  The epic song “Odyssey” describes the adventurous Odysseus returning home after the battle and fall of Troy.  Even with this song, there are a lot musical elements from Malmsteen to as far as Iron Maiden.  “I have returned to make my dream come true.”  Yes Russell Allen, I have returned to make my dream come true.  Discovering a band that provides good music to someone exploring all streets of music, especially neoclassical and progressive metal.  Even though Symphony X have not sold many albums when compared to Dream Theater, they can still develop creative melodies and are gaining popularity.  And this album clearly has this. [B+]


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