Album Review: “The Wicked Maiden” Impellitteri


Locked at under 50 minutes, this is the ninth studio album of the American heavy metal group Impellitteri, of the epic Chris Impellitteri neoclassical shredder.  Released in 2009, this year marks the fifth anniversary of it.  Upon hearing it, I was initially impressed with the way Chris can play the guitar.  His music is similar to the following bands/musicians: Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, and Yngwie Malmsteen.  With these bands/musicians gaining recognition, Chris is starting to feel that as well.  “Hi-scool Revolution”  sounds like a bad ass Van Halen song with simple riff patterns and David Lee Roth’s poppy vocals.  Even then, Chris evidently uses double tapping in the song much like that of Eddie Van Halen.  “Garden of Eden” provides a mixture of Malmsteenn, Becker and Rhoads shredding found in the solo.  Even “Wonderful Life” and Holy Man” clash together to create a more neoclassical/progressive music mash-up much like Symphony X.  “Holy Man” constructs the mixture of Symphony X meeting Freidman, Becker, and Malmsteen to create tasteful music.  Overall, this album will impress anyone into music such as neoclassical and heavy metal.  Amateur musicians would want to hear this fantastic band.  [B]

“Wicked Maiden” by Impellitteri


Enjoy the flow of music

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