Appreciation of Music – Rock n’ Roll

Liam Brannan Online Colege Blog


In class before the holidays, we were learning about the incredibly interesting genre of Rock and Roll.

Rock and Roll is a genre of music that first came about in the USA in the late 1940’s. Rock and Roll first evolved for genres of music such as Blues, Jazz and Country. You can hear this in recordings from later on the late 1920s. The key instruments at this time was often Piano, Saxaphone and occasionally drums. In the current day and age however your classic Rock and Roll band will consist of two guitars, (one playing lead and the other playing rhythm), a double bass which in later years was replaced with an electric bass guitar a drum kit and often features some form of a brass section.

Rock and Roll usually consists of a very simple melody and harmony part and frequently uses the 12 bar blues format. The…

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Enjoy the flow of music

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