WORST NO. 1 HITS OF 2014 – NO 4: “Rude” by Magic!

I am not surpirsed “Rude” by Magic is on your list.


I  decided that I was going to review every song to make it to No. 1 in the UK charts. I managed to review about four. Instead, I’ve organised the songs into a list and will review the ones I liked and disliked the most. Here’s one of the ones I particularly disliked:


The narrator keeps going up to his girlfriend’s father and asking him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. When the father declines, he responds by going “Why you gotta be so rude” and saying that he’s just “going to marry her anyway”.

The main problem with this song is located in it’s very title: a man is unfairly stopping the narrator from being with the love of his life and the harshest way the narrator has to describe this injustice is “rude”. That act would be significantly more than just rude. By calling it rude, the narrator therefore shows that he has no…

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